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What is SwissJumpRope?

About the project

SwissJumpRope is a charity project to encourage the public to contribute the economic empowerment of women in poor and vulnerable communities around the world through CARE international’s Village Savings and Loans Program (VSLA).

Amir Kazemi, an Iranian athlete, covers this route using a skipping rope. He is raising attention and encouraging the people along the way and holds public talks and presentations about the project.

SwissJumpRope will initiate in March 2018 in Switzerland. It will start from Gaißau, Vorarlberg , Austria, crossing Switzerland from east to west and ending in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, France. You can look at the complete project detail.

What is VSLA?

In 1991, CARE launched a transformative program in Niger that would change the world – at least parts of it. It harnessed the ancient practice of group savings in an innovative concept called Village Savings & Loan Associations. VSLAs offered women in particular a safe way to save money and access loans. No outside capital was needed – only a lockbox, three keys and some basic financial training. A quarter-century later, CARE VSLA members are doing the rest. Numbering more than 5 million strong across Africa and other parts of the globe, they are turning financial independence into better lives — for themselves, their families and their communities. Read more