Childhood observations

Childhood observations

Initial sparks

I think providing positive social transformation has been an intrinsic sence inside me. Since I was a teenager, I used to observe people, how they live, how they spend days and nights, what hurts them and what pleases them. I remember from my childhood that how so many “economically weak people” strived so hard to earn some money for the family. I had this belief that the life was not meant to be this. It couldn’t only have been hardships, multiple working shifts, paying rents for decades and so on.

I raised with the mindset that a better way of living exists, if we want to change! I read books, took volunteer position at some NGOs, created online networks of clothe sharing and … but none of this action were neither sustainable nor effective .

Then about 2 years ago, on a 2016 summer night, after spending some hours alone in silence, I finalized my plans and thoughts and decided to DO SOMTHING that affects even the next generations. I was very much inspired by reading about the nobel peace prize winner in 2006, Muhammad Yunus, who flourished the concept of microcredit and microfinance. I believe that this is an effective method to create stronger families in suburbs and remote areas. Therefore I intended to develop this method in the way that I can!

Since I was a runner, I thought about how can I incorporate “running” with empowering “economically weak families” .So I traveled to Switzerland on 2017 to pursue my dream since it seemed a perfect place for it. I talked to different charity organization, met different responsible people, expressed them my idea and heard from them. Among them, I had the chance to meet Kerstin Blidi in Geneva from CARE secretariat. I told the whole story to her and then I was introduced to VSLA program that much coincided my desires.

Swiss jump-rope was not planned as it is now! I was about to run Switzerland in a normal way at first, but I was told from many locals that if I want to have more impression, I may do something more innovative. For this, I decided to run the whole country, using a skipping rope.

I hope SJR opens new ways, not only for itself, but for the whole community. I hope that athletes find out that they can take more important roles in social transformations, consider the community requirements and take an action!