But why?

Why SwissJumpRope?


Because of the true essence of “helping the human beings” apart from race, color, and geographical borders. We all are made up from one soul.

SwissJumpRope is an effort to remind us about us! Women are a big part of us. Those living in remote African, Asian or even European regions may have a limited access to the basics of life. They are also a part of us. Trying to make a positive change in one’s life, brightens our own life earlier.

By SwissJumpRope athletic campaign we try to remind the world about the women. We want to direct the public attention towards empowering women via Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) program. This program has been started since 1991 by Care organization. In addition, we have an online fundraising to support this program which you can read more at the donation page.

The Passion


What encourages us to do this campaign is an inner voice that is constantly pushing us forward to accomplish this dream. We did not come to this world by chance and our life cannot just be meaningless. We believe by our hearts that even a very small move can produce a big motivation. We look forward that SwissJumpRope project promotes the message of peace and turns into a fuel for good intentions around the world.



Care organization as a major international humanitarian agency delivers emergency relief and long term international development projects. We found out about the VSLA program through Care’s secretariat office in Geneva, Switzerland and since we believed in economic empowerment of women and their unique potential in entrepreneurship, we made our decision to do SwissJumpRope project to promote VSLA program. We believe that this project fits very good into Switzerland’s cultural and social characteristics. Switzerland is already a peaceful country that hosts many international humanitarian organizations.

What matters?

What truly matters for us is to love each other as a family. Break the current physical and mental barriers and do not discriminate among the countries and their citizens. We all live on the same planet. In the morning we observe the same sun and at the nights we go to bed under the same moon light. Unfortunately though we are quite far from each other. We hope one day these barriers do not exist anymore.