The human potential


The definition

I think human potential can be defined as hidden, unrealized or unused inner talent. Potential is a magic power that can change our lives. Within us, there is an infinite world of talents, powers, beliefs and capabilities. Human beings are a very special creature which their full potential has not been discovered yet!


Personal talent

As you know, there are no identical fingerprints on earth. It can possibly mean we have unique souls which are obtained from a heavenly source.  You probably have met a friend who is really talented in drawing, one who is excellent in communication, a very talented athlete or probably a friend of yours who is naturally good at playing music instruments. They easily impress everyone with their amazing performance.  They own this amazing power which they can demonstrate and amaze everyone.

Many people though are still unhappy and looking for happiness. They may spend many years trying to find what they love to do. They might sense that something is going on, some talent is to be discovered and enjoyed. Once man finds his favorite activity, profession or job life finds a different meaning afterwards.

The simply looking “human potential” discussion might reflect its effect in much bigger spectrum. It is presented in socioeconomic sciences that social processes are formed by economic activity1 that is directly linked to human potential. An entrepreneur, small businesses and local factories all can drive the economic cycles of a community and make big changes.

Nevertheless lack of capital, ignorance, poverty or illiteracy and many more items could be the main drivers of underdevelopment. The least developed countries (LDC) based on the UN, represent the countries with the lowest socioeconomic indicators.

Therefore many skilled people are unfortunately ignored or they will not be able to access funds, loans, educational and health services.

social potential

Social potential

By considering our individual talents and the unique internal power inside us, we are free to take a path towards our redemption. Once human potential is discovered and flourished, a social community can easily find its path towards development and growth.

Social development is a win-win situation for everyone. Providing potable water in a remote Asian suburb or creating sustainable job opportunities in an African country brings positive changes to the whole world. Development of a community, reduced illegal immigration, creates local jobs, brings equal income opportunities and so on.

cumulative potential


We can enter in a state of awareness in which we start to live differently. We can help ourselves by helping others. It’s impossible to turn a candle on for another one and yet stay in darkness.

Why not spending the “personal talent” for “social benefit”? As a unite community, everyone should be able to find his “inner potential” and flourish it. Also some people might play the leadership role. Special people among us such as sport champions, well known artists, public faces and celebrities are expected to participate more and more in social transformation. Angelina Jolie2 and David Beckham3 are two examples. Inequality, poverty, women rights and many such issues can be more easily treated if the “special people” who has “personal talent” start to play a bolder role.

SwissJumpRope as an athletic campaign seeks for two important targets:

One: We can start using our talent to do a positive activity that benefits many people. We can do fundraising for a good cause, provide free tutorials for those who want to learn something, share our food with someone in need. There’s no rule neither a limit. You can choose your favorite way to turn on a candle for others. It’s up to you!

Two: We can help others find their own talent, work on it and flourish it. This way many the talent is shared among many more people and this cycle never stops. For instance, what SwissJumpRope is focusing on is to promote local associations which provide loans to local people. By the use of microloans, we hope that the loan borrowers take one step toward unlocking their potential!







But why?

Why SwissJumpRope?


Because of the true essence of “helping the human beings” apart from race, color, and geographical borders. We all are made up from one soul.

SwissJumpRope is an effort to remind us about us! Women are a big part of us. Those living in remote African, Asian or even European regions may have a limited access to the basics of life. They are also a part of us. Trying to make a positive change in one’s life, brightens our own life earlier.

By SwissJumpRope athletic campaign we try to remind the world about the women. We want to direct the public attention towards empowering women via Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) program. This program has been started since 1991 by Care organization. In addition, we have an online fundraising to support this program which you can read more at the donation page.

The Passion


What encourages us to do this campaign is an inner voice that is constantly pushing us forward to accomplish this dream. We did not come to this world by chance and our life cannot just be meaningless. We believe by our hearts that even a very small move can produce a big motivation. We look forward that SwissJumpRope project promotes the message of peace and turns into a fuel for good intentions around the world.



Care organization as a major international humanitarian agency delivers emergency relief and long term international development projects. We found out about the VSLA program through Care’s secretariat office in Geneva, Switzerland and since we believed in economic empowerment of women and their unique potential in entrepreneurship, we made our decision to do SwissJumpRope project to promote VSLA program. We believe that this project fits very good into Switzerland’s cultural and social characteristics. Switzerland is already a peaceful country that hosts many international humanitarian organizations.

What matters?

What truly matters for us is to love each other as a family. Break the current physical and mental barriers and do not discriminate among the countries and their citizens. We all live on the same planet. In the morning we observe the same sun and at the nights we go to bed under the same moon light. Unfortunately though we are quite far from each other. We hope one day these barriers do not exist anymore.



What is Village Saving and Loan Association program ?

vsla members
Micro loans that change lives

What is VSLA?

Village Saving and Loan Association is small groups of people who save their money together and by turn make use of these saving as a loan. As this activity goes on, saving become more accumulated hence members can earn more profit. In comparison with conventional financial services, VSLA provides a relatively simpler procedure for loan applicants.

Informal ways of saving among groups has been going on for years in numerous parts of the world. VSLA provides a clearer way of loan payment. This is a flexible method which can easily be implemented in rural regions to empower the local people.

There is usually a committee member team which is elected every year by the members. The committee members have clear roles but not limited. This is to make sure everyone plays a role in the whole system.

Every group has around 15 to 25 members which voluntarily choose to be in the group. Every week the group members meet and they decide to purchase a share in order to save.  The share price is determined by the group.

flexible saving scheme

Since the saving is flexible across the members, the system is very simple but is strong. The members do not have to save as much as each other. This allows the members with lower income to save more frequently though smaller.


All savings are accumulated in form of loan which members can borrow later. Each member can borrow as much as three times their individual savings. Loans are for a maximum period of 90 days in the first year and loans may be repaid in flexible instalments at a monthly service charge which is determined by the group.

social loan

Social loan is a new service that provides members with a basic form of insurance. This loan functions as a community safety and may serve is special occasions – such as emergency assistance – for the entire community which includes members and non-members. Social fund is not aimed to grow, but is set a level which covers basic needs.


The VSLA group does not use a complex accounting system. To record the individual saving and loan liabilities of the members, VSLA passbooks are used. This is appropriate for members with limited literacy. The Lock box contains the material, passbooks, loan funds and social funds which is safeguarded by the group box-keeper between meeting.

Swissjumprope as an athletic campaign, seeks to support women. Through the VSLA program which has been started by Care organization since 1991, you can read more about VSLA  or start donating online through Care’s international secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland .