Amir Kazemi

Amir Kazemi

About Him

Born in 1991, he is currently running for Oghab athletic club and competing in Iranian national competitions. As a middle distance runner, he is preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan.

He is doing the SwissJumpRope project in order to raise funds for children without parents or children who have ill or unable parents. Such children are in the danger of losing parents and so this will bring terrible consequences for their lives. Sponsering an orphan or a child with poor parents is possible even by paying very little money on a regular basis.

Amir is going to raise voluntary funds from public and use this to sponsor orphaned children or children with poor parents in Iran.

The Objective

Great social changes are made when we all will to make a positive change together. We aim to become one in order to take a step for justice for those children who lack social support.

One way is to provide financial sponsorship for children. Non governmental organizations identify orphaned children and public or private donors support them. SwissJumpRope is trying to raise more attention and encourage the public to donate for this project.

At SwissJumpRope we wish one day not to exist. the issues of "child labour", "orphaned children", "parental issues" and etc. require bigger attention. Many governmental, national and international organizations are working to solve these problem but that also needs non-governmental movements, simply needs us to get up and do something for the children.

Lastly, you can always track SwissJumpRope activities during Swiss cities by checking our project calendar and more importantly get into our next activities regarding the children.