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Your donations to VSLA

Swissjumprope is an athletic charity project aimed at raising general awareness for women’s economic empowerment through CARE’s March4Women movement and their Village Savings and Loans Associations.

As described in our blog, VSLA is an initiative is a group of people who save together and take small loans from those savings. Since 1991, VSLAs  have come a powerful tool in sparking economic development and empowering women in local communities around the world.

CARE International operates in more than 94 countries, providing assistance and relief everywhere and dedicated to saving lives and ending poverty.  CARE’s VSLA program which started in 1991 in Niger and now provides loan access for millions of women worldwide is the main focus in Swissjumprope project.

Swissjumprope is telling the world about the benefits of VSLA and believes that group saving is an EFFECTIVE METHOD TO MOBILIZE LOCAL ECONOMIES in underdeveloped communities. Therefore, me, Amir Kazemi, an Iranian professional runner, run across Switzerland from March to end of April, using my skipping rope to raise attention for VSLA hoping more and more people, organizations and governments take practical steps toward empowerment of low income individuals.

Donation to VSLA

As mentioned before, Swissjumprope is aimed at raising awareness about the positive potential of VSLA and how it facilitates loan access for applicants. However, just like any other major projects, VSLA has many operational costs that are covered mostly through donations.

You can see how you can contribute to VSLA in the following:

training on VSLAs

$21 (20CHF)

Can provide training on VSLAs and business management and linkage to formal savings and credit services for one woman for three years.

savings lockbox

$23 (22CHF)

Can provide a village savings and loans kit, including a savings lockbox and ledgers, to help communities create savings groups, which will make small loans to community members.

business mentor

$277 (259CHF)

Can provide training to one business mentor, who can then provide business trainings to girls.


$690 (644CHF)

Can fund a micro-grant allowing a woman entrepreneur to start a small business.

village savings and loans association

$1,997 (1863 CHF)

Can fund the organization and training of one village savings and loans association, which can lead to the financial empowerment of marginalized women.

Note: It is highly suggested that you donate through CARE International Secretariat in Switzerland, and put ‘VSLA’ in the comment. This help us recognize the contribution made through Swissjumprope project.